Wednesday, June 24- Webinar Adaptations of the First impressions Program: Tourism Destinations and Small Communities


Adaptations of the First impressions Program: Tourism Destinations and Small Communities

Wednesday, June 24

Webinar – 10:00 – 11:30 am/Eastern


Doug Arbogast, Extension Specialist, Tourism, West Virginia University Extension Service 

Laura Brown, Community & Economic Development Educator, University of Connecticut Extension 

Robin Frost, Program Coordinator, Community Resources & Economic Development, West Virginia University Extension Service

Cynthia Messer, Extension Professor, University of Minnesota Extension


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+1 (646) 749-3122

Access Code: 825-905-701

The original First Impressions program, developed in the 1990s by Andrew Lewis, University of Wisconsin, Cooperative Extension, and James Schneider, has undergone a variety of changes according to audience, place, and purpose. Each location has its own needs, challenges, population, and unique characteristics that should be encompassed in a meaningful assessment.  In this webinar, presenters will share some of the innovative adaptations that have been developed  to ensure program participants receive a valuable, relevant assessment of their small communities, neighborhoods, tourism destinations, or tourism facilities.  Updates made to the manual to assess web presence, social media use, and other modern technologies will also be discussed.